*Coming Soon!*

I'm working to get myself setup to do professional quality tethered virtual photo shoots! Now that both of my studio areas have wifi and my new computer is on the way, I'll be able to tether my Nikon D750 camera to my laptop, video chat, screenshare and let you control the settings and take images from anywhere in the world! I will let this be offered to both photographers and fans. If the fan is less experienced with photography, I'll make sure settings are good as we go along. 

I'll plan to book interesting locations in the future besides my studio and home area to keep things fresh and exciting!  I also still have an online wardrobe catalog so you can pick exactly what I wear.

Plus, I will also be featuring this as a service at my photography studio for any local or traveling models. I'll be the one to set it all up for them and assist the entire shoot. We'll plan to have Virtual Shoot Studio Days where people can block off 1 hour sets and request which spot(s) to use in my large studio space. 

Please fill out the contact form and message me if this interests you!

Photos taken in Studio B @ RCCS

Photos of me by Dreamscape Studios

Photos taken in Studio A @ RCCS

Photos of me by Dreamscape Studios, PhotoExpress & TD Ash

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